Learn How You Can Create Passive Income Streams In 10-Steps 

Is it possible to create passive income streams with affiliate marketing? Absolutely! Every marketer's goal is to generate passive income streams, where you make money while you're sleeping. Although making money online is challenging, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to create a reliable income.

Fact: Affiliate marketing is considered the easiest way to start a home-based business and potentially the most profitable online business model.

And here's the beauty of this unique marketing strategy, you can be a senior citizen, a job seeker on a "shoe-string budget," or a college student, and you can still get started because most affiliate programs are FREE to join.

How do you create passive income streams with affiliate marketing? In a word: planning. Affiliate marketing can be a tremendous passive income source if done correctly. However, if you start out doing a poor job, it could potentially have an enormous and negative effect that will ultimately dim your long-term success chances.

Okay, you are eager to make money online, but you're entirely in the dark and don't have a clue how to get started and turn your excitement into a successful and profitable online business.  

10-Steps To Create Passive Income Streams

Build Your Brand

The coronavirus has caused worldwide havoc. Society as we know it may never be the same, mostly the workforce where thousands of Americans find themselves unemployed or searching for alternative means of support.

On a positive note, however, the pandemic has allowed many opportunities to start a home-based business and work for themselves.

Creating passive income streams is what most individuals working from home strive for - making money while sleeping.

Here are ten practical steps to start affiliate marketing and create passive income streams:

  1. Recognize and avoid scams
  2. Choose the right niche
  3. Select an affiliate program
  4. Join an affiliate program
  5. Choose the right product to promote
  6. Get affiliate links
  7. Write exciting content
  8. Promote your products
  9. Test and review
  10. Stay the course and have patience

Step One: Recognize and Avoid Scams

This step is the most important, an absolute must, a real "no-brainer": avoid scams. We have all seen the promise headlines. The ones that proclaim: "How To Make $10,000 With Affiliate Marketing."

Most beginners will fail at affiliate marketing because they got involved with a scam, which ruined their entrepreneurial dream to create a passive income before it even started.

Suppose you want to create passive income streams with affiliate marketing. In that case, you must learn how to recognize and avoid scams because fraudulent programs and con artists are working in affiliate marketing, so it is imperative to conduct research to make educated and informed decisions about which program you want to promote.

An essential tip: conduct thorough online research using your favorite search engine to review a company or product. Search for words like “review,” “complaints,” “scams,” or phrases that best describe your situation.

Also, the FTC has listed tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of an online scam. Visit FTC.GOV/SCAMS.

You can also report fraud. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC.GOV/complaint or call 1–877-FTC-HELP.

Step Two: Choose The Right Niche

Find the right niche. This step involves research to determine the following:

  • Assess your interests, experiences, and passions.
  • Build an affiliate website; although this is not necessary, owning a niche website is the best way to build passive income streams. An excellent way to build an online business is with ClickFunnels!
  • Decide whether the subject is in demand, is the market saturated and whether or not there are the right products to allow you to create passive income streams.

Step 3: Select An Affiliate Program

How to select the right affiliate programs to build passive income streams? If you are interested in becoming a top affiliate marketer, you should know that there are multiple, legit affiliate programs for beginners.

Among these include:

  • Amazon, ClickFunnels, ClickBank, and ShareASale.
  • Another powerful affiliate marketing program is Google Adsense.
  • Additionally, most Fortune 500 companies have affiliate programs that you can join. Among the affiliate programs to consider in your research to build passive income streams are Writerswork and LegalShield.

Step 4: Join An Affiliate Program

This process is very straightforward and beneficial if you already have an active blog/website. Go to the affiliate registration page, provide your address, website URL, and necessary profile information. Once completed, wait for a yes or no response.

If you don’t have a website, you can still apply to specific programs since many affiliate programs provide a website.

Create Profits With An Online Casino Affiliate Program

Glitz, glamour, celebrity, and entertainment have always been associated with casinos. The rich and famous have long been known as high rollers and pursued vast fortunes at casinos.

Casinos have also often been used to prop up flagging communities worldwide due to the enormous revenues generated and the businesses and employment caused by their sheer presence. 

Due to its immense power and size, the internet in the 21st century has helped many industries undergo an electronic revival. None has benefitted more from the internet's enormous popularity and success than the online version of casinos. 

And among the most prominent beneficiaries of the booming online casino industry is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has allowed online casinos to increase their audience and visibility significantly. 

For online casinos, affiliate marketing represents a substantial financial asset since they no longer have to spend money for advertising space. Their brand is promoted by an affiliate, which is then paid by the affiliate program based on the performance of the respective affiliate. 

The casinos are not the only ones who benefit. In essence, the affiliate supplies customers to casinos. It is highly rewarded for their efforts since affiliate casino programs are among the highest paying programs, with some casinos paying upwards of 35% or more. Additionally, most casinos will offer the affiliate a lifetime player percentage rather than simply a one-off transaction.

Step 5: Select A Product To Promote

This part can be exciting and overwhelming because it feels like you’re a kid in a giant toy store. An important point to remember is when selecting the right product, you must consider the customer’s needs or desires instead of what you want.

Listed below are four essential points to select the right product:

  1. Identify a problem the customer is having and then choose a product that will offer a solution.
  2. Provide useful information that will help your customer solve the problem.
  3. Consider a product that you’ve used that helped you solve a similar situation.
  4. List the pros, the cons, and every benefit of the featured product you are promoting. This step will also help you develop written content for your website.

It would be best if you initially focus on promoting one product.

Step 6: How To Get Affiliate Links

At the heart of affiliate marketing is — the affiliate link. Here is how an affiliate link works.

  • You choose a product or business opportunity, and once accepted, you will get the program’s link.
  • Once you receive the link, which will include your unique affiliate id number, you then place the link in an article on your website.
  • There usually are two types of connections: a text link and an image/banner link.
  • The visitor is taken to the affiliate program to buy the products after clicking on your page’s link.
  • The affiliate program or business opportunity will recognize and store your unique affiliate ID number.
  • You receive the commission percentages for the product.

Here’s how the affiliate link works.

Suppose you decide to become an affiliate and promote Bikes Online. Here is an example of how your affiliate text link URL will look:


You will then attach this link to the written content on your website. Click on the below link.

Why buy from Bikes Online? Affordable fun for the entire family! The high-quality bikes in our online shop often cost half the price of comparable bikes in the market. Click below to view our entire selection.

As you can see, the highlighted text indicates a connection to the associate’s website.

Image links provide, as the name suggests, an image of the product being promoted and come in different sizes.

Click on the image link below:

What is the best type of link? The only way to determine what link is more useful is to test it on your site since every niche is different.

Finally, you must follow these additional requirements to make your links legal.

  • Google requires any link that will potentially make money must be “no follow.” How to do this will depend on the platform you use.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines require an affiliate statement that explains you are an affiliate and will earn money should a visitor click a link and make a purchase.
  • Always open an affiliate link in a new window, as this will allow your blog to remain open for the visitor to return.

Okay. You’ve chosen and applied to an affiliate program, selected a product to promote, and learned how to create affiliate links. What’s next? Well, you’re certainly not finished because here comes the essential step — content, which brings us to our next step.

Step 7: Write Exciting Content

Content, content, content. Content is king on the internet: therefore, you must create exciting content that will convince a visitor to your website to become a customer. How do you accomplish this critical step?

Here are ways to write compelling content:

  • Determine what problem the reader is having.
  • Determine how to talk with your audience, and engage in a way the reader will easily understand.
  • Write about the product features and discuss the pros, cons, practical benefits, and personal experience using the product, if possible.
  • Add images that clearly show you using the product.

Step 8: Promoting Your Products

Here is another critical step to start generating passive income streams. You will need to promote your products, and here are a few suggestions:

  • Traffic is significant because, without traffic, you have no business. Learn the strategy to generate more traffic and increase sales.
  • Create a banner for your product and place it on the most visited pages.
  • Email marketing. Place a link to your review page in your newsletter. Don’t have an email list? One sure-fire way is to get started with Aweber.  Aweber can help you build a powerfully-simple email marketing strategy for free.
  • Promote your website itself. Use social media for business if you don’t know how you can learn the do’s and don’t. 

Step 9: Test and Review

Testing is essential because publishing your article without reviewing the outcome can cost you money.

A practical strategy:

  • Get a minimum of three (3) affiliate products, then compare success rates to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Review products to determine if you are targeting the right products for your customers’ needs.
  • What links are converting visitors to customers more than others?
  • When considering a product, avoid choosing a product because of the commission percentage you’ll earn.

Step 10: Be Patient!

Okay, here is the final challenge. You must show patience since, in all likelihood, you will not earn an income overnight.

Let’s be clear. There are no crystal ball predictors or systems that guarantee business success. While it’s called “passive income streams,” the fact is you will need to invest time and hard work to reach it first.

So here is a recap of what is required:

  • Join the right affiliate programs.
  • Select the right products to promote.
  • Write compelling and exciting text without the “hard sell.”

Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. You’ve taken the first step to start building passive income streams online - much success.


While finding legitimate ways to create passive income streams from home may seem daunting, you can make money online if you learn, duplicate, and decide to start.

One of the most ingenious ways an enterprising, industrious individual can make money online is with an online affiliate program.

Online affiliate programs first emerged in 1996 when Amazon.com started paying websites for referring customers to their site. Now in 2020, online affiliate programs are a mainstay in the e-commerce world. Now, virtually every Fortune 500 company has adopted this unique marketing strategy.


Online affiliate programs have become one of the most profitable ways to work from home and an increasingly popular passive income streams business opportunity because:

  • it requires no production costs
  • meager start-up cost
  • no employees or inventory
  • no order processing
  • no shipping
  • no customer service
  • minimal risk

This strategy has provided home-based business professionals and online entrepreneurs with a risk-free form of advertising to produce revenue from their websites.

Suppose you are an intrepid entrepreneur seeking an outstanding affiliate program as a way to work from home. Then you should check out two excellent web hosting/affiliate platforms - Solo Build It and Click Funnels.

Many people desire to build an online business but don't have a website or a website, but it does not generate traffic or sales. Unfortunately, these individuals will spend thousands of dollars building a website, yet they will only succeed in creating is a glamorous website that does absolutely nothing.

Solo Build It is a complete all-in-one program that will show you how to build an online line business, not just a website, and ClickFunnels will help you create a sales funnel which you can use to promote any product.

Both have FREE affiliate programs and pays its affiliate a high commission. But the real value of each program is its membership as you can join at a very affordable price and gain access to a wealth of tools and resources to generate online profits.

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There are a few drawbacks to using Solo Build It and ClickFunnels. 

  • First, the SBI Brainstorm It niche finding tool helps you find the right niche for you is an outstanding resource; however, it can be confusing for beginners.
  • Second, the technical support is excellent, but it can also involve a cost depending on the issue.

As previously mentioned, the ClickFunnels affiliate program is free to join. You can pay a one-time-only fee of $100 to join Click Funnels' Funnel One Funnel Away affiliate training program, which will help you create and launch your first sales funnel to sell any product. However, to become a member with full access to create sales funnels it cost $97 monthly.

Finally, a substantial home-based business opportunity is LegalShield.

What is LegalShield? An affordable way to access legal and identity theft protection services. This company offers its members the opportunity to become Independent Associates and build a profitable home-based business promoting its outstanding legal services. 

A Final Thought. Avoid thinking that you can make money quickly online; otherwise, you will become the likely victim of fraud. There are no get rich quick programs. Success with affiliate programs requires hard work, dedication, and education.